Flutter and false flutter_test dependency

TIL 5. Juni 2020

Again a chapter where I got a bug in Flutter and I had to solve it somehow.

The following error came now more often:

Because every version of flutter_test from sdk depends on path 1.6.4 and app_name depends on path ^1.7.0, flutter_test from sdk is forbidden.
So, because app_name depends on flutter_test any from sdk, version solving failed.
Running "flutter pub get" in easy-by-design-flutter...
pub get failed (1; So, because app_name depends on flutter_test any from sdk, version solving failed.)

Up to now I have always solved this error by changing the flutter channel. But I did not want to do that this time. I wanted to stay on the Stable Channel.

So I did some research and deleted the pubcache and the lockfile:

rm -rf ~/.pub-cache
rm -rf pubspec.lock
flutter pub get

The error persisted. After that I looked at all versions in pubspec.yaml and updated them manually.

The error persisted. Silly error!

After some research I found the following command:

flutter update-packages --force-upgrade

After many packages were updated, I could run the flutter pub get again and build the project again.


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