Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Ghost is a blogging software and as with all software there are always improvements. Thus, smaller and bigger problems are solved again and again. Especially the big ones are important, as they usually include security aspects.

Since I always want to install these updates quickly, I have developed a workflow for this with the help of the app "shortcuts". Unfortunately the app is only available on iOS. If you are an Android user, I have to disappoint you at this point. For this purpose you could also use or

Let's get back to my workflow:

It consists of the app "shortcuts" and the logic that I use Portainer to administer my server. With Portainer I can start Docker Container/Stacks and have the services updated using a webhook URL. This is exactly what I use in my workflow:

When I address this service Webhook via a "POST" request, a new ghost:3-alpine image is downloaded and used as default for this service. This way I have the latest Ghost version 3 running and my blog is updated within seconds.

In the app "shortcuts" I can now start it as follows:

That means I use the "URL" element once and then I use it in the "NETWORK" element. But there you have to click on "Show more" and select the method "POST".